Woman Caves

Since men have created the adult version of the ‘He-Man Women Haters Club’, calling them Man Caves, women have been inspired to create their own spaces.

No longer do man caves have to be “lame and sexist”, they’re now for everyone. After all, we all need to recharge. Here are some awesome: mom caves, lady caves, woman caves, lady lairs, feminine dens, ma’am caves, she zones…



This woman cave was designed and built by Ms. De La Vegas. She acted as her own contractor managing a crew for 9 months, turning this old garage into a 250 sq ft woman cave getaway for under $35,000.

For some this may be a bit extreme, but when going through divorce as Mr. De La Vegas was it was a good way to keep busy while being constructive.

There is an incredible back-story to the construction of this woman cave involving salvage and wreckage yards. You can read the entire article and view the slideshow at the The New York Times.


Kid Cave Garage

Angel and Russ wanted to give their children the play-room they always wanted. The kids love it, and Angel and Russ are happy to have all the toys in one place – out of the house. The project cost was under $400.00 including box fans to get the AC pumped out into the garage space. Check out the step-by-step DIY guide on this project here.

The previous garage was doing what an average garage does: obtain clutter.


HGTV Woman Cave

Woman Caves garage renovation


This garage was featured on HGTV and makes our list of Woman Caves: Part I

With the push of a button, the garage door opener kicks in and opens up this beautiful and elegant woman cave. The natural light floods in to give this room a clean and natural feel. This converted garage does have a side door entrance, but the large opening from the garage door gives it a nice free-flowing entrance and exit.

As with most garage doors, this garage was filled with useful items.  A designer was hired to clean it out, paint and purchase the furniture. See the designer’s full gallery.


Work Cave

For the stay-at-home mom (or dad) who needs a getaway office. This garage has been converted to offer all the amenities of being at the office, but has a warm and cozy traditional home feel. The two ladder back chairs give guests a place to sit at a desk and review documents.

You’ll notice the Dutch door, which was used often in the 1600s. This type of door was common in farm homes so that you could leave the door open while the bottom half remained closed, keeping out random farm animals.

traditional woman cave garage renovation

The garage door is the classic carriage-style door, which is currently trending throughout the Phoenix area. These garage doors offer flexibility in style as they can add a great visual touch to the interior while maintaining a garage door look on exterior.

Kids Cave

This garage was converted to accommodate a home-based daycare center. All the bells and whistles of a daycare center with the advantages of being at home.

Check out the full gallery on the daycare center’s Yelp! Page

Modern Woman Cave

woman cave modern garage renovation

With glass becoming such a common home décor accessory, glass garage doors allow all the natural light in while keeping you protected from the outside weather.

Typically, garage doors are constructed in a paneled design with a grid pattern separating the panes of glass. These garage door grids can be fabricated from wood or metal, similar to window frames. The glass on these garage doors are designed to be strong and tamper-resistant, with several opacity options from which to choose, including clear, frosted and tinted colors.

There are also solar treatments you can obtain for the panes in the door that encourage thermal heat gain. Glass is the preferred material for those converting garages into rooms or studios, and certainly for those installing garage doors in unconventional spaces because of their clean and modern aesthetic.

Woman Hobby Cave



This space was turned into a welcoming studio to work on hobbies such as art, freelancing writing and photography as well as hosting ladies night workshop classes.

The carpet is laid directly onto a gently sloping cement foundation, which makes it interesting for lining up artwork on the walls. Click for the complete tour.

lady cave garage conversion


Wine Cave?

Watch the full makeover below.

diy garage renovation wine cave


This is the ultimate aficionado hang out. Converted from an old dirty garage to provide a gateaway from those long days.  Below is the episode showing the full restoration of this basement garage.

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