5 reasons why your garage door may not be working.

You’re late for work and your garage door won’t open. In my 20 years in the garage door repair industry, it seems like garage doors fail at the most inconvenient of times. Here are some of the top reasons that will cause your door to fail.

why isn't my garage door working1. Garage door spring broken or cables are worn

Springs are under a great amount of stress it is common for them to wear down and snap. Many times if the spring is broken, your garage door cable can also break and needs to be replaced.

A common trait of a broken garage door spring is, when you open the garage door and it only opens a few inches before it stops.

2. The Garage Door is Off its Track

Your garage door opens and closes on a track. The garage door rollers will guide the garage door on the track as it opens and closes. If you notice a gap between the garage door rollers and the rail, you need to have the door realigned.

3. The Safety Garage Door Sensor is Not Aligned

This can be an easy fix and a common problem when your garage door is not opening/closing. The garage door sensors located at the bottom of the garage door tracks are designed to keep the garage door from opening or closing if there is something in the way of the garage door. These two sensors send an invisible beam between each other. If one sensor does not sense the beam from the other sensor the garage door will not open or close; or you may have an obstruction between the two sensors – breaking the continuity of the two beams. Many times its as easy as adjusting the garage door sensor to point directly at the other sensor.  You may also want to try cleaning the lens on the sensors.

4. The Lock Handel is Engaged

Your garage door opener has a security feature that allows you to disable the garage door opener from telling the garage door opener to open your garage. This is button is typically found on the garage door opener control panel in your garage; it is normally labeled with a padlock icon. Hit the button to disengage the lock to see if this solves the problem.

5. Batteries in the Garage Door Opener are Dead

This sounds like common sense, however, I am no longer surprised when I discover that bad batteries are to blame when troubleshooting a garage door. In fact, before I show up on-site, I will often have my customers change the batteries in the garage door opener. Keep in mind, even a garage door opener with a battery backup is powered by a battery.

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I hope that this has been helpful in troubleshooting your garage door. If you have any questions feel free to contact me directly at 602-427-7808. If you live in the Phoenix area I will provide a free estimate or an over the phone troubleshooting walkthrough. As always, check our Phoenix garage door Specials if you think you need a new garage door opener or spring replacement repair.

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