Phoenix Smart and Automated Garage Door Installation

phoenix automation garage door

Gone are the days of traditional bulky garage door openers. These days the craze is home automation; garage door automation is among the easiest and most affordable home automation. We often receive service calls from Phoenix residences because their traditional garage door openers don’t work due to dead batteries, reprogramming issues or they misplaced them all together. The smart garage door systems we install automate your garage door and you can control it through any smart phone, tablet or computer.

multi access garage door opener


Any authorized user with a smart phone can easily access all functions and monitor your garage door from anywhere. With this secure technology you can rest easy without worrying about leaving the garage door open or locking family and friends out of your home. 






Out of town?

Is someone locked out of the house?

No problem. Pull out your phone and push a button. We can even install a garage door camera so you’ll have the option of monitoring the garage door to ensure everything is going as kosher.

Our customers love these features because they can leave town or be at work and not worry about the “what if” scenarios.

All the automated garage door openers we install run on Wi-Fi technology. We don’t install any Bluetooth based openers as they have limitations – nothing worse than technology that makes your life harder instead of the other way around. Review the features and video below to see why our Phoenix customers like our smart and automated garage door systems.




Multiple layers of security protection. Every system has a unique ID so you never have to worry that any one you do not authorize will have access to your home.



Our smart openers uses Wi-Fi technology to connect to you Smartphone. Wi-Fi is a standard technology used in most homes with internet connectivity due to its high reliability.



Our smart openers allow you to operate your garage door from anywhere for free. We can help you select the opener that is right for you and your smart phone or tablet.

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