Modern Custom Garage Door Installed in the Phoenix, AZ Camelback Area

Project called for a garage door that would fit the modern ambience of the home.

This was a fun project which allowed us to design and install a garage door — delivering an instant boost this Camelback home’s curb appeal. The unique design of the door allowed us to develop a garage door we had never installed before; after 15 years of installing garage doors you’d think you would have seen it all.

Achieving the modern style came through replacing the four vertical panels on only the right side of the door. This was a simple and affordable approach to create a totally custom and modern look.

This door not only looks good, but it is functional. The frosted window panels allows natural light into the garage while still maintaining the required privacy.

This door is guaranteed to turn heads; needless to say, the homeowner was very happy with his new custom garage door. Be on the lookout for it in the Phoenix Camelback area!

Custom Garage Door Design & Installation Manufactured for Phoenix, AZ Residences

A&R Garage Door | Ronald Cruse – Custom Garage Door Designer & Installer

My customers like that we can assist in designing the garage door that fits the style of their home. Every home is different, just as this project called for a design that we have never developed or installed before, we are willing to think outside of the box.

Since we work with several different vendors and manufactures throughout the Metro Phoenix area, and out-of-state, we have a full toolbox to choose from when it comes to developing your custom garage door.

Whether you are looking for a modern garage door, rustic garage door, contemporary garage door, or vintage garage door we can design and install it.

Ron Cruse Owner of A&R Garage Door


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