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While each garage door installation project varies in cost, I am going to outline the price you can expect to pay for a standard garage door installation in the Phoenix, Arizona area. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and free estimates.

The construction and look of a garage door are the two factors that effect the price of your garage door. To keep it simple for this post, we are going to assume you’re in the market for a standard, everyday garage door. For more on how martial and style effect price click here.

At A&R Garage Door We Install Standard Garage Doors for Less than $700! See our monthly garage door specials. figures the average national cost of installing a standard garage door at $1000.00.

The calculator below will give you the average cost of your city and a high and low cost. To see the avarage cost in Phoenix, AZ just enter your local zipdcode.

Cost to Replace a Garage Door

Garage Door Cost Calculator from HomeWise

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Average cost to install a standard garage door in Phoenix, AZ

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Our Standard Raised Panel Garage Door

Here’s a standard garage door we installed last month in Phoenix, AZ. Contact us today for more information or to schedule an installation. Feel free to contact me, Ron Cruse, owner of A&R Garage Door at 602-427-7808.We offer one of the best garage door installations in Phoenix, AZ.


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Standard Garage Door Install in Phoenix, AZ

>>Raised Steel Panel

>>24 Gauge

>>Sandstone Color

>>Several Color Options and Windows Available

All of our standard garage doors, whether raised or flush steel panels, provide an affordable way to revitalize the exterior of your home.Here at A&R Garage Door we only use the top garage door vendors in the country to provide you with top-of-the-line manufacturing quality.


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Helping you answer the tough questions like “How much does garage door installation cost?”. I hope this has been helpful. If you live in the Phoenix area I look forward to helping you improve the exterior of your home! Give us a call today for a free estimate on your Phoenix Garage Door Installation.