NBC News: Garage Door Repair Scams

Garage door repair throughout Phoenix and across the country, has become an industry that consumers no longer trust. The TODAY Show covers garage door repair scams in New York; these garage door scams happen here in Phoenix, AZ. See the official sting and breakdown of what you need to know to avoid these garage door repair traps: http://www.today.com/money/garage-door-repairmen-hidden-cameras-put-some-test-1D80319362

About Ron Cruse

I started in the garage door repair industry 14 years ago from the ground floor – literally, I started with a broom, sweeping floors. Learning the ropes, I understood the key to growth was building relationships and gaining word of mouth business. Since I started my own garage door company in 2004, I have operated the same way: I answer the phone, I troubleshoot and fulfill the services. This is what my customers like and it’s what they tell their friends and family about.

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