Converted Garages in Phoenix Make for the Ultimate Man Hangout

Man Caves have come a long way from, remodeled basements, to full blown man spaces with all things manly.

Glendale, AZ is home to this year’s Superbowl; the best seat in the house is Westgate inside the Arizona Cardinals stadium (hopefully with the Cardinals playing, GO CARDS). However, the next best seat in the house, a great man cave.  I have collected photos from the best converted garages in the Phoenix area.


Spanish Colonial Style Converted Garage in Scottsdale, AZ

Complete with a classic car in the kitchen. This Scottsdale garage has everything that needed to be our top Phoenix Man Cave!
This was completed by Matthew Thomas Architecture in Scottsdale, AZ see more of their work.

Located in Pima Canyon Arizona, Contemporary with a touch of Awesome

A car lovers dream. How would you like to have an afternoon lunch or watch the game in this garage. With eye-candy that’s sure to please you won’t go home feeling unsatisfied. Created by Robinette Architects of Tucson, AZ, check out their work here.

Central Phoenix Garage in Farm House

This craftsman garage in Phoenix is a true working man’s garage. With wall-to-wall craftsman storage your sure to find the tools you need, when you nned them. Equipped with flat screen tv, stainless steel fridge, open steel A/C ducts and epoxied floor make this a true versatile garage that can be used for work or entertainment; all year long. Designed by Higgins Architects in Scottsdale, AZ you can find more of their work here.

Rustic + Industrial Converted Garage in Phoenix

This is the Man Cave designed to enjoy. With a barn garage door and industrial sliding entertainment center doors your sure to bring all the touches that a real man hang-out should have. The tactile surfaces add a level of elegance and luxury that are rare in an industrial setting. Switch the game on and enjoy. This was designed by California Closets, for more on these guys click here.

Mediterranean Sun Room Garage Conversion in Phoenix

We had to select this garage because of its sure simplicity. You may not be entertaining the fellas on this one, but it’s everything that’s right about Arizona. With our great winters you can pop open the garage doors and enjoy our great weather while working on your latest project. Equipped with a hydraulic lift, you can handle most any auto repair. Be careful, you may end up having friends over afterall; who could resist this setting when needing to do some weekend auto maintenance? This garage man cave was built by Native Sun Construction in Anthem, Az, see more of their work here.

Man Caves

What is the physiology that goes into Men Caves? Some think it has to do with men being limited to the space they get to call their own within the home. In a survey about this trend, in garages being converted into Man Caves, it was discovered that personal space was the motivating factor of the latest boom in garage conversions.

After all, is your wife really gonna let you hang up your favorite sports team memorabilia around the house?

It doesn’t always mean that men are taking to their garages to convert them into hangout spots. Some of these garages are designed to provide an ideal location to work on weekend projects, office spaces or auto shops. There’s no limit to what you will do with your man cave; no right or wrong way to design them. What will your man cave look like?