Emergency Off Track Garage Door Repair in Goodyear, AZ

A case study of a common emergency garage door repair service call.

I often receive calls when a garage door has come off track and I treat these calls with priority, doing my best to respond quickly.

Goodyear, AZ emergency repair case study

Off Track Garage Door in Goodyear, AZ

When a garage door has come off track they can usually be fixed without having to replace the garage door. In this emergency repair case study, completed in Goodyear, AZ, we were able to fix and repair the door without replacing it.


The Call

Mrs. Rhymer in Goodyear, AZ contacted us with an emergency garage door repair. She was surprised when she found her garage door off track, especially because she paid an outside garage door company to service it only a few months earlier.

We had a hunch that the garage door spring was to blame for the garage door coming off track. This is a common problem in the industry, let me explain…


The Problem

A garage door company comes out to install or repair a door; but they only have a few random garage door springs in the truck…

Garage door springs come in many sizes, many of these springs are capable of lifting the weight of your garage door – but they are not the manufactured recommend spring(s). 


Instead of the garage door installer making the trip to obtain the correct spring, they use the one that’s “close enough”.

The spring may work for the time being only to come off track months later. 

Goodyear, AZ Emergency Garage Repair


The Repair

We were in Avondale when Mrs. Rhymer contacted me so we were able to arrive at her home within an hour.

7:45 AM

We receive emergency service call

9:10 AM

We arrive on-site and troubleshoot

9:15 AM

 We discover that the rollers are worn, the spring is the wrong size and the garage door opener is set incorrectly

9:35 AM

New rollers and springs are being installed, door is being leveled and garage door opener is being adjusted

9:50 AM

Clean up


The Outcome

Mrs. Rhymer was happy with our service and the speedy repair.We completed the job and billed Mrs. Rhymer $189.00 for the cost of new springs, rollers, lubrication and the adjustments we made to ensure the garage door was operating according to regulations.

Since we were less than 10 miles away when we received Mrs. Rhymer’s emergency service call, we didn’t charge an extra emergency service call fee.  Mrs. Rhymer was happy with our affordable price. She told us that a different garage door repair company wanted to charge a $50.00 fee to help her in her emergency situation.


Our Approach

I know if you have an emergency garage door repair, your day is already not going as planned. If I can assist in making this situation less painful by waving fees or showing up as soon as possible I will. We find that in these emergencies, if you can turn a nightmare into a good and unexpected experience (by not having extra service call fees or working you into the schedule), the customer is likely to refer us to family, friends or neighbors.



Goodyear, AZ Emergency Garage Repair

emergency garage door repair no fees

If you live in Goodyear, AZ or within Phoenix, I can normally arrive to your home within a few hours of your emergency call. Additionally, I won’t charge a fee for the emergency service call.

The way I look at it, if we can fix a garage door or replace a broken part, while doing right by the customer I will be the first company to be contacted when it’s time for a new garage door or any future garage door needs.

A few bullet points that sum up what some of our customers like about our emergency repair service:

  • Fast response time, if we can’t make it within a few hours, we’ll make sure to let you know; upfront.
  • We fix or replace any part that is part of the garage door structure.
  • If the garage door needs to be replaced, we can replace standard doors with same day service.
  • We do our best to make sure your emergency situation is as painless as possible.

Commercial emergency garage door repair in Goodyear, AZ

I approach commercial emergency garage door service calls the same way that I do residential: if you’re in Goodyear or Phoenix, I don’t charge an emergency repair fee; no matter the time of day. If you’re in need of fast emergency garage door repair in Goodyear, AZ we are an ideal option for affordable service repair to get your business up and running quickly.

We know that emergency repairs are ill timed and so I try and make a bad situation as good as possible. Even in the case that I receive an emergency repair call outside of Goodyear or Phoenix I’ll try my best accommodate your situation without accessing an emergency repair fee. If I/we are in the area I make the call a priority and will be there with in a few hours.


24-Hour Emergency Garage Repair for Goodyear, AZ

Contact me directly at


Ron Cruse Owner of A&R Garage Door

Ron Cruse | Owner

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I look forward to assisting you!

Emergency repair services include, but are not limited to: broken garage door springs, broken door cables, worn or squeaky rollers, off track doors, crooked door, door damaged from vehicles, broken remotes, broken remotes, panel replacement and garage door replacement. Servicing Goodyear, AZ with no emergency call fees. Sometimes areas such as Tempe, Scottsdale, Gilbert, Mesa, Tempe, Fountain Hills and Paradise Valley can be serviced without being charged an emergency service call fee; depending on my location and schedule at the time that you contact us. I will always do my best to make your emergency situation as painless as possible no matter where you live in the Phoenix metro area.