Gilbert, AZ Garage Door Spring Repair Gone Bad – Buyer Beware

Double Billed for a Garage Door Spring Repair in Gilbert, AZ

‘3 OnYour Side’ Reports

This looks to be an honest mistake made by a Phoenix garage door repair company. They’re a big corporation that service a large volume of customers every month. Advice: Always file receipts and warranties, many repair companies provide the option of having your receipt and warranty e-mailed. Always ask for a receipt to be sent to you via email so you have a solid paper-trail.

Gilbert, AZ Garage Door Spring Repair: The Double Kick Back

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I started in the garage door repair industry 14 years ago from the ground floor – literally, I started with a broom, sweeping floors. Learning the ropes, I understood the key to growth was building relationships and gaining word of mouth business. Since I started my own garage door company in 2004, I have operated the same way: I answer the phone, I troubleshoot and fulfill the services. This is what my customers like and it’s what they tell their friends and family about.

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