A&R Garage Door Glendale Press Release Increasing Property Value to Obtain the Best ROI

By: Jacob Cordero @ WiredFrame

ARgaragedoor.com reports, adding a new garage door to your home is one of the best ways you can improve RIO on a home or investment.

Don’t take their word for it.

Angie’s List agrees

garage doors increase the property value and that replacing a garage door remains in the top five of home repairs/improvements that increase your property value.

Remolding Magazine also reported in 2013

replacing a garage door ranks as one of the lowest cost home improvement projects with the highest ROI.

A&E’s Dave Seymour of the show “Flipping Boston” is famous for his elite ability to buy and resell homes for large profits. He says

A new garage door, for about $2,000, can increase the sale price by $8,000 to $20,000.

Networx.com, a leading website offering resources and tools for home improvement projects, reports

 New Garage Door Will Increase Home Resale Value

A new garage door can cost you under $1000 and will significantly modernize the exterior of your house.

garage door property value improvement A garage door is a large percentage of a home’s exterior; on average it covers about 35% of a home’s exterior. Repairs or improvements made to a home’s exterior has always provided a solid ROI when reselling a home. A garage door is no different. In fact, as trends move away from traditional wrap-around porches and white picket fences, garage doors become the new accessory that can provided the added curb appeal.

If you live in Glendale, AZ, or anywhere in the metro Phoenix area, and seeking a new garage door for you home contact A&R Garage Door of Glendale, AZ. They are family owned-and-operated. Ronald Cruse, owner of A&R Garage Door, will provide a one-on-one consultation; over 15 years experience with garage doors Ronald can provide the options needed to make a decision on the door that can yield the best ROI. With free in-home consultations, contact him today to schedule a visit.

Feel free to visit our Specials page on our website to check our monthly featured garage door. A&R Garage Door of Glendale always features a custom garage door that is perfect for someone looking to replace a garage door to increase ROI of a home.

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So what do you need to know about selecting a garage door ?

When it comes to upgrading a home to increase ROI, selecting the right garage door is key. There are many factors to consider, including: style, material type and cost. But Angie’s Lists says that you should consider insulated vs non-insulated garage doors. Insulation always increases property value, so it should be one of the first variables considered when selecting a new garage door. Next, considering style. Should the door have windows? And what should the style be: modern, contemporary, rustic?

Sometimes it may be necessary to consider a custom garage door. Keeping in mind ROI, it is not always recommend, but sometimes investors are unable to find the right standard door for the home. To do this you will want to sit down and have a garage door company understand your requirements and present options for you to choose from. With so many custom garage door options and accessories the choice can become overwhelming; and expensive.

A&R Garage Door Repair Glendale can help you make these decisions within your desired budget. If you live in the Phoenix area, Ronald Cruse, owner of A&R Garage Door will review your options and design the garage door you desire for the price your looking to spend.

Who is A&R Garage Door Repair Glendale?

A&R Garage Door Repair Glendale is an affordable and trusted garage door repair company in Phoenix, AZ. They are family owned and operated. In an industry overshadowed with shady sales tactics, A&R Garage Door provides an alternative to many franchised garage door companies. Owner Ronald Cruse handles most all repairs and installations. When you contact A&R Garage Door, you speak directly with the owner. Monthly garage door specials are always listed on the Specials section of the company website. This provides over five ongoing specials to make sure you receive a competitive price for custom garage door and standard garage door installation; as well as, everyday garage door repairs such as: spring replacement, roller repair and garage door opener replacement/repair.  A&R Garage Door Repair Glendale doesn’t cut corners by installation cheep parts or low quality doors. They are partnered with over four of the major garage door vendors in the country. This ensures you always have a quality installation with outstanding manufacture warranties . For more information visit, argaragedoor.com.
Ron Cruse Owner of A&R Garage Door

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