Garage Door Repair Tune Up – DIY

So what’s a garage door tune-up anyways? How do you know when it’s time for one? It’s just like when your car isn’t operating in tip-top shape, meaning, it’s likely time for a tune-up. Here are the common signs it’s time for a tune-up: your door is opening or closing slower than it should or used to; there is wear and tear on the springs; loose screws or bolts.

DIY Troubleshooting and Quick Repairs


Mounting Brackets

Check the mounting bracket along the sides of the track. Are any of the bolts or screws loose? If so, let’s tighten them.

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Are the tracks tweeked? They must be perfectly aligned. The vertical tracksshould be straight and the same height as the opposite side. The horizontal tracks should have a small slant leaning towards the back of the garage. If they do not appear to be equal on each of the horizontal and vertical sets of track, here’s how you can manipulate them.

First, loosen the bolts, but don’t take them out. Do this for each mounting bracket. Then tap the tracks back into their correct positions. Retighten the screws and you should be done. One thing you may want to do since you’re there is clean out the tracks. This is a great way to extend the life of your rollers and consequently you’re garage door.  Clean out the crusty grease or any dirt that has collected. You can also clean the rollers as there is likely buildup on them if there is dirt and such in the track. You are okay to use most common household cleaners, just make sure you dry everything well before opening or closing the door.

Check the Springs

You will have one spring on single car garage and two on a double. If you have a roll-up garage door you will find a torsion spring. This is operated by cables and pulleys. So double car garages can be tweeked and adjusted by pulling the cable tighter through the plate located above the door. From there you can just knot the end of the cable to hold it in place.

I would recommend you contact us if your trying to adjust a single car garage roll up door spring. These babies hold a large amount of tension and it’s fairly easy to injure yourself.

For a swing up door, the springs are hooked on each side of the garage door. You will see that there are several notches. To adjust the tension on these springs, move the spring hooks to the next notch.

 Garage door doesn’t open, or it’s slow

So if you’re having this problem and you have already done the listed steps 1-3, then you may have a problem with garage door opener (motor). Most garage doors open and close with a motor that moves a carriage with a drawbar located just above the garage door.  When it comes to having to replace the motor we install and supply over three different brands of motors. Don’t fret; most motors can be purchased for around $150. You can also check to our ongoing specials.

 Opener doesn’t work

Check the remote batteries. Normally you have to change the battieries every year, on average. This is the most common fix for this problem. If you have already replaced the batteries, but still no luck, try reprogramming the remote. See your manual, or look it up to get a step-by-step walkthrough.
Hopefully this has helped you score points with the Mrs. while keeping your pocketbook in tack. If not, or you would like to discuss upgrading your home’s curb appeal with a new garage door, feel free to contact me directly.

Ron Cruse Owner of A&R Garage Door



Ron Cruse – Owner