Keep your garage door opener remote out of plain view.

garage door opener security in phoenix

During the holiday season Phoenix, AZ sees an increase in burglary and theft.

This morning I read a news article out of Spokane, WA discussing a spike in home burglary – the culprit – your garage door opener. I felt it would be appropriate to write up a quick post on how to keep your home safe as we begin to prepare for the holiday season here in the great Phoenix, AZ area.

Phoenix, AZ Police Department: Serial burglar used stolen garage door openers in crime spree

Recently Phoenix police made a bust on a few individuals in a Phoenix neighborhood and discovered six garage door opener remotes in their vehicle.

During this time of year, it’s important to keep your garage door secure. Burglary and theft crime rates increase as the holidays are upon us.  The garage door is a commonly used entryway into many homes – burglars enter through the easiest point.

It’s easy to forget and leave the garage door opener remote sitting on the console of our car. I do it all the time — maybe not with my garage door opener but with other items of value.  A garage door opener remote can be the equivalent to the keys on your key ring; providing full access to your garage and it’s contents or even worse, full access to your home.

Anytime we leave items in our car it increases the risk of having our vehicle burgled.  An unlocked car or a cracked window is an easy way to obtain your garage door opener remote and enter your garage.

Many of us use our garages for storage; even if the door leading into your home from your garage is secure, the items in your garage can be compromised.

Phoenix garage door opener burglary


A few things you can do to increase your home security

  1. Be sure to keep your garage door opener out of open sight when its left in your car. Possibly under the seat or concealed in the glove compartment or console.
  2. Get a key chain garage door opener remote.
  3. Install a Smart WiFi garage door opener. This will allow you to control your garage door through secure WiFi connections via your mobile devices.



Additionally, here’s a few tips from the Phoenix Police Department:

– Don’t advertise what you have in your house.

– Don’t place empty boxes outside your house that let thieves know what you have purchased.

– When possible, unload your expensive purchases out of sight, inside your garage.

– Refrain from leaving your blinds open to display your Christmas tree and gifts.

– Don’t allow door-to-door solicitors into your home.

– Don’t accept free home inspections, termite inspection, water testing, etc.

– Install a burglar-alarm system.

– Put locks on all gates.

– Install security doors.

– Add additional locks on sliding doors.

– Use dead-bolt locks with reinforcement plates and long screws in the strikers.

– Replace standard short-hinge screws with long screws that go into the door framing.

– Install motion-detector lighting.

– Install locks on garage doors.

– Remove the pull cord from garage door openers. (Burglars can access this and get into your house.)

Ron Cruse Owner of A&R Garage Door
I hope these tips have helped keep your home safe and secure for this holiday season. As always, feel free to contact me with any questions or for all your garage door needs.

If you would like to discuss the options about how you can upgrade your garage door opener or garage door opener remote I can provide several options. We install three types of smart Wi-Fi garage door openers. We can make sure your next garage door opener works with your home network, wireless devices or recommend a garage door opener that contains its own wireless network.

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