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Fixing a garage door opener: A Case Study – To Repair or Replace?

Last week a Scottsdale homeowner contacted me; her garage door chain was lose and dangling. When I arrived, I was able to confirm there was nothing wrong with the garage door chain – instead she had a broken garage door opener. The gear and sprocket of the garage door opener was bad. It is the most common reason for a garage door opener to fail.

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Bad bushing in the gear and sprocket | Garage Door Opener in Scottsdale

The gear and sprocket of a garage door opener can go bad due to standard wear-and-tear, but sometimes its due to:

  • chain being set too tight
  • improperly balanced garage door
  • bad or worn springs

All of these factors put an additional load on the gear, causing the bushing to fail prematurely.

A few signs that the garage door opener gear is worn or bad:

  • It throws off the garage door-limits, causing the garage door to open to far or close incorrectly.
  • Loose or dangling garage door chain.
  • Garage door opener seems to be running (hums and grinds), but the door is not moving.

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The Garage Door Opener Repair in Scottsdale, AZ


Since the customer resides in the Scottsdale area, I was able to arrive within the hour to troubleshoot the door.

When I arrived to this Scottsdale home, the garage door was not opening, and the garage door chain was loose.

The homeowner had plans to vacate the property in the near future; therefore, she was seeking the most affordable repair solution.

My Two Cents

Normally, if the garage door opener is over 5 years old, I recommend replacing the garage door opener. Garage door openers are reasonably affordable; even if you hire a professional. Most garage door openers can be purchased and professionally installed under $350.00. Considering the new technology of today’s openers, you’ll get an upgrade in more ways than one. One of the benefits in upgrading is the ability to control and monitor your garage door from your smart phone.To learn more about automated garage door openers, click here.

A good rule of thumb when deciding whether or not to replace the garage door opener, consider how old it is. If the garage door opener is utilized 10 – 20 times per week , after five years, its time to replace the opener. Five years is the average lifetime of an active garage door opener.  Keep in mind, if the garage door is not configured properly it will put additional wear on the opener, shorting the lifetime of the opener.

Our Approach

On this job, a new garage door opener was not completely necessary. If the homeowner intended to stay in the home it would have made sense to consider replacing the garage door opener.  However, since she was planning on leaving the property soon, she was solely interested in getting the garage door opener operational. All garage door service calls and repairs are different and you usually have several options.  We like to present the options which empowers customers to make an informed decision based on their preferences and budget.

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Gear and Sprocket | Garage Door Opener in Scottsdale

Replacing a spring and sprocket is a cheap and its an easy fix for a professional; the gear and sprocket is a $20 part + labor.  It’s the alternative to replacing the garage door opener.

The obvious downside to not replacing the garage door opener: other parts inside the garage door opener may fail shortly after the garage door opener repair. At which time you have to replace the garage door opener after all.

The Options

Here is what I explained to the homeowner to provide the information needed to make an informed decision about the replacement/repair:

  • Option 1
    We replace the garage door opener gear and sprocket. It’s about a $20 part and I charge about $100 to complete the repair and replacement of the part. This will normally include making the necessary adjustments to the garage door to ensure that the part, is not again prematurely worn. Since I keep these gears stocked in my truck, the overall repair is painless.
  • Option 2
    Replace the garage door opener.  This options is more expensive upfront, but can be the best route in the long-run. I carry several garage door openers in my truck, so the installation of a new opener can be completed quickly.
The Garage Door Opener Fix 

In the end, we decided that option 1 was the best for the situation. I installed the new gear and sprocket, adjusted the down-limit, and the garage door chain. This completed the garage door opener repair.

garage door opener in scottsdale

Gear and Sprocket Replaced | Garage Door in Scottsdale

The maintenance and adjustments made after the new gear was installed ensure that the garage door opener was not suffering from an unnecessary workload; which is key to extending the lifetime of the garage door opener.

The homeowner was happy that the repair was fast and costed less than $130.00

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