Garage Door Insulation Overview

Living in Phoenix, Arizona we know the feeling of an electric bill in July. We’re one of the only locations in the entire country that know this feeling (thank God for the other 9 months of the year that make the Valley of the Sun a great place to live). Garage door insulation can save big money during the summer months. Now, more than ever, garage doors are coming out with insulated versions. Because of this, we are seeing a large decline in the sale of your everyday uninsulated garage doors. More and more people are using their garages for workshops, working on cars on the weekends, or even “man-caves”.

Insulated garage doors

This installed garage door is a classic steel door by Wayne Dalton. This model 8300 has an R-Value of 12.12, using polyurethane.

R-value is the term used for the thermal level of insulation. A higher R-value is going to be greater at reducing outside noise (or keeping noise in) and contributes to a quieter garage door. Most insulated doors are insulated with a polystyrene or polyurethane foam, the same thing you would insulate your roof or even the inside of masonry walls of your home with.

Garage Door Insulation and Polystyrene vs Polyurethane

Here’s the trick, a polystyrene insulated door can appear to be better because it’s thicker, however this couldn’t be further from the truth. The R-Value rating will tell the full story.

Normally a polyurethane insulated door appears to be thinner and less effective, but it stores a higher R-value. This has to do with the way it is applied during manufacturing; when the polyurethane is applied it expands tightly to fill the space between the two steel panels and it adheres to the surface of the garage door. Therefore, not only do you have a better insulated door, but you also have an extremely strong door and, as stated earlier, it quiets down the operation of the r value stacks up

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