How a bad garage door hinge can jeopardize your entire garage door.

What you need to know and how to fix it.

fix garage door hingeGarage door hinges are common trouble areas for garage doors. They aren’t very big but they play a big role in the opening and closing functions of your garage door. If they wear out or break, opening a garage door can be difficult or even impossible. A broken hinge can seriously damage the garage door.  A simple DIY check-up can be done by walking into your garage and taking a look. It can prevent costly garage door repair expenses down the road. As you inspect the garage door hinges look for wear, if they are worn, get them fixed before you have to spend serious money in repairing your garage door, or replacing it entirely.

Why do garage door hinges break?

Garage door hinges are under stress each time you use the garage door. If the garage door is not operating to specs or if it has been tweaked it places additional stress on the garage door hinges. An accidental tap from your vehicle, into the garage door, is a common cause for hinges to be tweaked – causing them to break over time.

Most hinges have a lifetime of about 5 years, however if you choose to go with a heavy duty manufactured steel hinge you can expect about a 12-year lifetime. I explain to my customers, if they are using a cheap thin metal hinge they will not hold up as long I also advise against decorative hinges. In most cases, decorative hinges are usually manufactured from cheep low-end steel.

Sometimes the weather can be the cause of bent or cracked hinges. If the hinges are not maintained, over time humidity or salty ocean air can rust or deteriorate the hinges.

How do I know if my garage door hinge is bad?

You will normally notice general wear of the garage door hinge. A common sign is a loose screws, or screws that are missing entirely. In this case, the metal plate that the hinge screw is designed to screw into has worn out.  To fix this, make sure that you replace the screw and bolt, not just the screw.

If there’s any visible damage to the garage door hinge the hinges are putting your garage door in jeopardy.

How does it damage my garage door?

If notice that your garage door hinges are bad or worn you will want to stop using the garage door until they have been replaced or fixed. If possible, park your car in the driveway or on the street. Fixing the garage door hinges or hiring a professional is better than replacing an entire garage door. fix garage door hinge diy

When your hinges are bad it can throw off the garage door’s track. This will tweak the garage door and eventually bend the garage door panels. Even if the garage door is not damaged to the point that it needs to be completely replaced, the repair to fix garage door panels is much more expensive than repairing or replacing your garage door hinges.

How much does it cost to repair my garage door hinges?

If you need to replace the screw and bolt you can do this yourself. If that doesn’t fix the problem of if the issue is that the hinge is actually broken you will need to replace the entire hinge. You can get these any Home Depot or hardware store. If your purchasing these garage door hinges from a Home Depot you can expect to pay about $5 per hinge; they range to upwards of $20 each.  It’s not the easiest DIY fix but it’s also not among the most advanced – whatever you do just don’t try and replace the garage door torsion spring yourself. If you are looking to hire a professional garage door repair company in Phoenix you can expect to pay about $140 for the first hinge and then about $70 for each additional one after that. That would include your labor and parts. If you mention this article, and live in the Phoenix area, I can provide you a discounted rate, which is less than the average rate listed above.

Garage door maintenance for hinges

Now that your garage door hinges are up to par it’s time to make sure they stay that way. To do this you want to check on them once or twice a year. Make sure they still look good and there doesn’t seem to be any visual damage. While you’re at it you should also lubricate them and other garage door parts. If you do this you will extend the lifetime of your garage door but keeping it running properly and preventing wear from mother nature.

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