Common Garage Door Upsells: Buyer Beware

Lifetime Warranty, Garage Door Roller Replacement & Insulated Garage Doors

Garage Door Spring Lifetime Warranty


Your garage door won’t open, you Google, “garage door repair company in Phoenix” and contact a local garage door repair company.

The garage door repair company arrives and inspects your garage door. They discover that the garage door spring has broken in half – a common problem when your garage door won’t open.

The Upsell

Some garage door companies will offer a lifetime warranty on your newly installed spring.

Angie’s Two Cents

It is often best to pass on the lifetime warranty. It’s an upsell that you may not need. Most all lifetime warranties only last for the lifetime of the garage.

A&R’s Two Cents

A standard three year warranty should suffice.  A three year warranty should be included as part of the garage door spring replacement.I charge less than $180.00 for a full service spring replacement and garage door maintenance. The average rate in Phoenix for this type of repair with a standard 3 year warranty, is $190.00.

 Garage Door Roller Replacement


Your garage door spring has just been replaced. The garage door company inspects the rest of the garage door to ensure all parts are in working order.

The Upsell

You’re told that your garage door rollers need to be replaced.

Angie’s Two Cents

A garage door normally has 10 garage door rollers that guide the garage door along the track as it opens and closes. Garage door rollers help your garage door open smoothly and can increase the overall lifetime of the garage door.

However, just because one roller may be bad, it doesn’t mean they all are.

If the garage door company recommends that you replace all your garage door rollers, request to see their current condition before approving the replacement of all 10 of the garage door rollers.

A&R’s Two Cents

The average cost in Phoenix, AZ to replace all 10 garage door rollers is about $70.00. Again, you can normally get-away with replacing one or two of the garage door rollers. Many times, I will just replace the worn rollers at no charge as part of the garage door inspection.

Insulated Garage Doors

To insulate or not to insulate


Your looking to replace your old garage door to improve your home’s curb appeal. A garage door company shows you a gallery of available garage doors that fit your preferences.

The Upsell

The garage door company may recommend the garage door you select in the insulated version vs non insulated.

A&R’s Two Cents

In Arizona, insulated garage doors are not a bad idea, but you do not always need one? You can expect to pay about $400 – $450 more for the insulated version of your new garage door.

If your garage is only used to store random items, you may not want to spend the extra money on the insulated garage door.

However, if your cooling your garage and using it as a place to work on your weekend projects, or if its located below a room in your home you may want to consider the insulated garage door. Here’s a post I did recently about insulated garage doors.

Thank you for spending the time to read my article I hope it saves you money. If you have any questions or if you would like to schedule service, contact me directly, Ron Cruse, at 602-427-7808. Feel free to review our Angieslist reviews below.

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