Lubricating Your Garage Door

Garage Door Maintenance & DIY Fix

I wanted to provide a quick overview of some regular garage door maintenance you can do on your own in less than five minutes. So, if you have a squeaky or noisy garage door, before you pick up the phone to call a repair company, try this.

Not only will this normally solve the problem of a loud garage door, but it will also extend the life of your garage door and its many moving parts.


Do It Yourself Garage Door Lubricating Tips:


– Do not use WD-40

– Use a lithium based grease or a lubricant designed for garage doors.

– Be sure to lubricate the garage door spring

-Do not lubricate the garage door track. You should never have to lubricate the garage door track. Feel free to clean the track but lubricating it will only allow dirt and dust to stick to your garage door track.

You should lubricate your garage door rollers, hinges and springs every 5 months. This will, once again, increase the lifetime of your garage door parts and keep your garage door running smoothly and quite.


Glendale Garage Door Tune Up Special

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