Rusted Custom Garage Door Installation in Peoria, AZ 

Including a high lift & side mount garage door opener.

custom rusted garage door Peoria, az

We install many custom garage doors. Of all the custom doors we install, the rusted garage door is one of my favorites. Maybe it’s because so many garage doors are designed to be resistant to rust – or maybe it’s just because I love the way the door can add such contrast to provide a rustic, or even modern feel.

old school porch

These days, exterior home designs are no longer centered around the front porch – front porches are practically extinct – if it wasn’t for my profession, I would say its a tragedy.


Garage doors cover a large square footage of a home’s exterior. The correct garage door can add a pop and character, giving your home the curb appeal you desire. Rusted garage doors can provide a rich and old southwestern feel. All the while, they are versatile enough to be used in a modern setting. Oxidized metal, rusted garage doors look especially sharp on adobe, Mediterranean or Spanish type homes.

For this project, we installed this custom metal rustic, rusted 9×7 double insulated garage door.

Metal rustic, rusted garage door – try saying that five times fast…

This installation we completed in the Arrowhead Ranch area of Peoria, AZ was unique. It called for a great looking rusted door but also a side mount opener and high lift to save space inside the garage.

High Lift Garage Doors

Installing a high lift garage door allowed us to maximize the space inside the garage. Instead of the garage door rising about 12 inches and then turning; this door goes up about three feet and then makes its turn. This freed up the space, which would have been lost with a standard overhead door.

custom high lift side mount

Custom Rusted, Double Insulated Garage Door with High Lift and Side Mount Opener | Installed in Peoria, AZ by A&R Garage Door


8550 Side Mount Garage Door Opener

Using the side mount garage door opener allowed us to work around the high ceiling. As you can see the garage door opener is mounted to the left side of the garage door. These garage door openers are often referred to as jackshaft openers. Another benefit of a side mount opener is the simplicity of opening the garage door manually.

Side mount garage door openers are often installed in commercial settings, not as much in residential; another reason this custom Peoria install was so unique. We enjoyed this project and the homeowner rated us 10 out of 10 in a follow up customer satisfaction survey. We look forward to improving the look of many other homes in Peoria and the Metro Phoenix area through our custom garage doors and garage door parts.

Other Custom Rustic Garage Doors and Side Mount Garage Door Openers

We install all of the following custom garage doors and side mount openers

 A&R Custom Garage Door Installation in Peoria, AZ and the Metro Phoenix area.

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