There are four major types of garage door materials to choose from.

The most common garage door material types: aluminium, steel, wood and fiberglass.

When it comes to selecting the right garage door for your home, there is much to consider. Garage doors have become such an integrated aspect of a home’s exterior. Manufactures provide many options when it comes to style, material and color.

To put this into perspective, Wayne Dalton (one of our garage door suppliers) offers over 1,800 possible combinations for their 9700 Model garage door (12 design types, 10 window styles, 15 color types..).

With so many options to choose from when selecting the right garage door, we have dedicated a page of our website to the Garage Door Designer; this allows you to try out different options to create the garage door that fits the visual look you’re after.

For the sake of simplicity, this post will focus on selecting the right garage door material for your new garage door.


Aluminum Garage Doors

aluminum garage door type matrial

Standard Aluminum

This is the most cost effective material when it comes to garage doors. There are many similarities between aluminum garage doors and steel doors. If you’re searching for a cost effective garage door but still desire a custom look, you have the option of faux wood texturing and a few other finishes that will extend the life of your garage door.

Aluminum is lighter than other steal or wood doors – which means it doesn’t wear on the parts and mechanics of the garage door. It’s easier to manually open and close and is normally cheaper to install.

If you live in a part of the country that gets a fair amount of rain and snow, you’ll benefit from the fact that aluminum is rust proof – this normally doesn’t have as much relevance for us here in the Valley of the Sun.

Average Aluminium Garage Door Cost: $500 -$1,200


 Steel Garage Doors

steel classic garage door martial

Steel Classic 8024

Steel is the popular pick – these doors are versatile and encompass the most advantages of all garage door material types.Steel doors are usually the best general option considering all the benefits. You don’t really need to worry much about regular maintenance and they are very durable.

So, if you have kids this may be the garage door for you.

Another benefit of steel garage doors is that they come in virtually any style you desire – including -imitation wood. Even if you have the extra cash for a real wood garage door, steel doors with a wood finish texture give you the elegance appearance of wood – without the extra on-going maintenance required for real wood doors.

Two things to keep in mind, steel is a poor insulator on it’s own, so you may want to consider an insulated steel door. Second, steel doors come various thickness; cheaper steal doors will be around 27 gauge (fairly thin) to around 24 gauge steel which is normally used for commercial garages. Check out our current Phoenix garage door special on a custom steel garage door, installed for under $1500.00.

Average Steel Garage Door Cost: $750 – $1800

Wood Garage Doors

wood style garage door type matrial

Wood 7100

If you’re in competition with the Jones’, wood garage doors deliver the curb appeal guaranteed to turn heads. Most wood doors are created from moisture resistant cypress, redwood or cedar. For the price, these doors are trump when it comes to aesthetics.

Your low-cost wood doors are painted wood with flat hardboard panels. The stain-type wood doors give you that nice real wood look, but will cost you a few more dollars.

The down-side to wood doors – they require on-going maintenance.

Average Wood Garage Door Cost: $1000 – $2700

 Fiberglass Garage Doors

fiberglass garage door type material

Raised Panel Fiberglass

Fiberglass doors are the least popular of the garage door martial types because they’re more of a situational  door. If you’re looking for a light weight door that has durability and won’t rust – this may be the door for you.

It is most ideal for coastal locations.

Down-sides, it has almost no R-value to speak of, and if hit hard enough it can crack.

Average Fiberglass Garage Door Cost: $850 – $1,500






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