Don’t be a victim of a break-in via your garage door.

Phoenix is no different than any other major city. If you provide an open door to burglars, they won’t hesitate to capitalize. Here’s a news clip that I caught the other day from Phoenix’s news channel 15; on how you can protect your home by securing your garage door.

Authorities report that burglars intentionally go out looking for open garage door or garage doors that look easy to compromise.

Another common tactic, used by Phoenix garage door criminals, is to obtain your garage door opener. Leaving your car parked in the driveway is a common way that these burglars will obtain access to your garage door opener. Leaving a car door unlocked, window down, or garage door opener in plain view are the leading causes for having your garage door opener stolen.

A good way to avoid having your garage door opener burgled from your car is to have a key-chain garage door opener.


Garage Door Security Tips

Here a few tips that I can leave you with that may save you from losing your belongs:

1. Don’t leave a garage door remote in your car

Garage door breakin emergency cord

2. Make sure the emergency cord on you garage door is secure. You can use something like the device shown in the video above or just a simple zip-tie.

Here is a horror story on how these two cars, worth over $100,000, were stolen from a closed garage.

3. Secure the door leading into your home from your garage. Making sure you have a deadbolt on this door is a great way to ensure extra security for your home. Sure, it may be inconvenient to use a key every time you come home – but if it detours thieves form entering your home, isn’t it worth it?

4. This one is common sense, but I often see garage doors left open. It happens all the time, I have been guilty of this. It’s Saturday and you’re working on something in the garage, you go inside for a break and forget about the open garage door. Leaving the garage open is the number 1 cause of all garage burglaries – go figure.

5. When you leave to go out of town it would be a bad idea to lock the throw latch. If your door doesn’t have a place for a manual padlock you can always improvise with a c-clamp.


Knowing Your Surroundings in Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix, AZ isn’t the only location with crime, however Phoenix does have a higher burglary rate than the U.S. average.
phoenix garage breakin

burglary rates for phoenix az

crime in phoenix az

I also advise keeping up with what’s happening in your neighborhood. This is a great website to find out the crime rate in your area. This website offers close to real-time crime updates by zip code or address.


Other Interesting Related News

See how this child’s toy made my Mattel has been modified to act as a garage door opener hacking machine.

As always, I hope this has been helpful and saves your or someone you know from becoming a victim.

Phoenix Garage Door Burglaries 

by: Ronald Cruse, Owner of A&R Garage Door in Phoenix, AZ