Buyer beware, garage door repair has become the new auto repair industry.

Taking your car to an unknown auto mechanic or finding a random HVAC company to repair your AC can be scary waters.

The garage door repair industry has become a shady industry; preying on mostly the elderly. Like any other industry, where switch-and-bait tactics or endless upselles power large profits – garage door repair in Phoenix is no different.

But there’s more.

The Scam

One of the popular scams garage door scams in Phoenix and across the country: large corporations, pretending to be a local and reputable company, who answer your service call from a large call center (not in Phoenix).

There is a company by the name of Global Development Strategies, it powers 100s of garage door company names, such as:

  • AAA Alstate Overhead Door Corp.
  • Overhead Garage Door Services
  • America’s Choice Garage Door

None of these companies are local Phoenix garage door repair companies.

How To Spot It

Another way to spot these companies is by their names: they are all very similar to reputable companies.

For example, let’s take the imitator company Overhead Garage Door; Overhead Door Co. invented the upward lifting garage door and the motor system which it ran on in the 1920’s. Overhead Door Co. is still in business, however, you can be sure that if you’re contacting Overhead Garage Door Services or AAA Alstate Overhead Door Corp. you are not reaching the reputable company, Overhead Door Co.

Global Development has designed this system (scam) to be confusing.

buyer beware garage door

How Does it Work?

When you call any of these scammer companies (including any other new companies that are ran by the parent company Global Development Strategies) you will be transferred to a call room.  The first tip-off that you have contacted one of these call rooms,  before you’re connected to a representative, you will be informed via a machine, “this call may be recorded”.  Additionally, once someone answers you can normally hear the background noise of other representatives taking calls.

When you schedule a service call with one of these companies, they will dispatch a tech in your local area to come out to your home.  These companies hire technicians right from the call center. The call centers are taking calls from the imitator companies’ hundreds of websites and ads across the country.

How it Affects You

Accountability is out the window when receiving service from these companies. Many times you will be charged far over the price of the promotional deal you saw, which enticed you to contact them in the first place. Other times you may be sold unneeded parts or unethically up-sold. Here is a case study showing how Mason Miller of Richardson, Texas was taken.

Buyer Beware Garage Door Tips: How to Avoid Being Scammed

Tips to help you from hiring the wrong Phoenix garage door repair company

  • Ask friends or family for recommendations
  • Don’t always trust a good looking website (most of the imitator companies we are discussing above, have great websites)
  • A repair shouldn’t cost more than a few hundred bucks (especially if your garage door is only worth $500 – $700)
  • Don’t pay in-full upfront.
  • Don’t pay with cash. If you pay with cash you have very little chance of getting your money back if you were taken.
  • Watch as repairs are done, ask questions.

Buyer beware garage door tips for Phoenix, AZ. What you need to know about garage door repair before you hire a garage door company.

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