Our Top 10 Garage Doors throughout Phoenix

I have selected my favorite garage doors based on durability, popularity and design trends.

Working in the garage door industry over the past 15 years, I have seen many types of garage doors.

As homes move away from traditional exteriors, such as wrap-around porches, elegant gardens and common areas – garage doors have become a large part of a home’s exterior and curb appeal. Because of this manufacturing of garage doors has never been so booming; manufacturers are creating new garage door lines and styles often. This gives us, as consumers a large selection of garage doors to choose from.

Narrowing down my top 10 favorite garage doors in Phoenix wasn’t easy, nonetheless, here’s my Top 10 Doors.

10. Vintage Reclaimed Wood Door

vintage custom garage door

A nice break from the trending modern style garage doors. Using wood from old barns and buildings, these vintage looking garage doors will give your home the utmost established homeliest feel.  Most of the wood used in these doors is aged over 100 years. This door comes in three different colors of wood from the Carriage House Door Company.



9. Composite Eco Friendly Door


eco friendly garage door

This door made our list because of the versatility and style this door from Eden Coast Composite Garage Doors has to offer. This design of door is developed from a stylish composite material that is very durable, lightweight, and the highest quality of green materials.  You can count on this garage door looking good on your home’s exterior, while lasting and for the added bonus, it’s easy on your garage door opener.


8. Roll-up Garage Door

roll up garage door


This garage door is developed by a UK company called Hormann. They have been growing in popularity because of their unique quite rollup garage door technology.

This door seems like an average garage door from the exterior; however, nothing could be further from the truth. The door you see here is developed of a corrosion proof aluminum. The door opens with a simple opener that is located on the outside shaft.

The unique design eliminates the external need for a belt or chain – the main reason for its almost silent operation.


7. Traditional Steel Door

traditional steel garage door
This door is more than just a traditional garage door. This style of door from Wayne Dalton’s Steel Door Collection, comes with over 20 upgrades and custom options. With the flexibility in customization, you’re free to design the exact door you’re looking for.

Options such as color, metal-work, windows, and hinges – if you can think of it, it’s likely it can be designed. This is one of the most cost effective and customizable doors on my Top 10 list.


6. Overhead Carriage House Door

overhead carriage house wood garage

This one is for all of you who love the simple and classic feel of a carriage house.

The carriage house doors have been a Phoenix trend for the last 10 years; especially in the Scottsdale, AZ area.

This elegant door is manufactured by Overhead Door Company and is listed as their Signature Carriage Collection.

With over 15 different designs, the option to stain it any color you choose, plus over 10 different types of wood to choose from, you can really make this door your own.


5. Two Tier Overlap Garage Door System


This garage door brings a whole new approach to the traditional garage door system. The Overlap garage door frees you from tracks running on the ceiling of your garage and bulky garage door springs.  

It saves overhead space by folding in half in an almost futuristic grace.  

This Italian looking garage door opens and closes with a counterweight system. The opener is built-in and hidden in the top-bar.  Call us for more information or to schedule installation in Phoenix for this Two Tier Overlap garage door.

two-tier overlap garage door


4. Modern Door from Clopay

clopay modern garage door installl

This is likely one of the top garage door collections for homeowners seeking a modern look for their garage door.

The largest collection of these modern doors is manufactured for the Avante line by Clopay. 

With a solid lightweight aluminum frame, combined with the modern look that only glass can deliver. The type of glass is fully customizable to accommodate the amount of privacy or light you desire.


3. Green Friendly Door

green friendly garage door

This door comes from the Alternative Collection line. All the doors in this line are designed to be the best environmental friendly garage doors.

A door that can imitate wood or steel to a T. Many times when dealing with eco-friendly materials you have to settle for a less than stellar product in exchange for “going green”, well, that’s not the case here.


2. Glass and Metal Door

modern glass and metal door
I’m not sure if anybody combines glass and metal any better than the Athena collection.

Similar to the Avante collection (#4), you get all the benefits of a modern door, with the door manufactured to last. This collection comes with all the bells and whistles and options to make this door your own.


1. BP Glass Door

durable glass garage door

The leader in glass door design has to go to BP Glass Garage Doors for their durability. Glass is not typically known for its strength. However, BP Glass manufactures great looking glass doors that stand up to hurricane type winds; plus they’re insulated.

Glass doors are becoming the ultimate in style and creativity.

A&R Garage Door Best Garage Doors: Top 10 Picks

by: Ronald Cruse, Owner of A&R Garage Door Repair in Phoenix, AZ

We supply all the garage doors listed here in our Best Garage Doors in Phoenix post.

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