Take the time to select the right garage door for your home.

I find that homeowners don’t give a great deal of thought when selecting a garage door. These days a garage door is more than just an entryway into your home; it is a large percentage of your home’s exterior square footage. Gone are the days when elaborate wrap-around porches and white picket fences were at the center of a home’s curb appeal (for better or worst). As a matter of fact, most of the garage doors I install throughout the Metro Phoenix area, are for homes located in subdivisions. All these homes look the same; there’s no unique identity from one home to the next.

I feel that selecting a door that can accent your home is the first thing to consider, followed by budget, and whether or not to select an insulated garage door. 


The best place to start is to ensure the garage door you select complements the style of your home. If you have a classic traditional home you may consider a simple but elegant garage door. If you live in a modern home, maybe a contemporary garage door would be right for you. Whatever the style of your home, there are so many garage doors, all that come with options for colors and accessories – sky’s the limit.selecting  garage door


Right, so how much is this new garage door going to set me back?

Garage doors come in a large range of pricing. The first variable that effects price is material. The three most common materials used are: aluminum, steel and wood. Here’s a post I collaborated to break down the average price of garage doors by material.

When selecting a heavy door, such as one made of wood, you may need to upgrade your garage door opener to support the extra weight.


Living in Phoenix, AZ we have to consider the warm weather. Selecting an insulated garage door may save you big bucks over time. It comes down to location and usage, when deciding if you need an insulated garage door. If the garage is located below a room, you may save by keeping the garage insulated. It goes without saying, if you use the garage door as a work area or Mancave, then it pays to keep it insulated. Since you will be spending a little more on your garage door if it is insulated, you just need to be sure you can justify the cost in savings over time.

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I hope these simple tips have been helpful in selecting the next garage door for your home. If you have any questions about styles, pricing or would like a free consultation, feel free to contact me directly at, 602-427-7808.

If you live in the Phoenix, AZ area, I will provide you with a free one-on-one in-home consultation. During this time I can make recommendations based on your budget, if necessary, I can assist in designing a custom garage door that will fit your preferences.