The Best Garage Doors in Phoenix – Top 10

Our Top 10 Garage Doors throughout Phoenix I have selected my favorite garage doors based on durability, popularity and design trends. Working in the garage door industry over the past 15 years, I have seen many types of garage doors. As homes move away from traditional exteriors, such as wrap-around porches, elegant gardens and common areas – garage doors […]

Cost of a Wood Garage Door in Phoenix, AZ

Wood Garage Doors Can Be Affordable  There are many garage doors that will cost you upwards of a few thousand dollars; however, there are many options to obtain that wood door you desire for under a $1,000.     Wood garage doors vary in cost. They come assembled completely custom, or they can be assembled […]

Channel 15 on Phoenix Garage Door Burglaries

Don’t be a victim of a break-in via your garage door. Phoenix is no different than any other major city. If you provide an open door to burglars, they won’t hesitate to capitalize. Here’s a news clip that I caught the other day from Phoenix’s news channel 15; on how you can protect your home […]

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3 Tips To Selecting The Right Garage Door For Your Home 1

Take the time to select the right garage door for your home. I find that homeowners don’t give a great deal of thought when selecting a garage door. These days a garage door is more than just an entryway into your home; it is a large percentage of your home’s exterior square footage. Gone are the days when […]

Emergency Garage Repair in Tempe, AZ

Since we travel all over the valley daily, we can offer a fast response to your emergency needs in Tempe, AZ.  No Extra Emergency Repair Fees I know what it’s like when you have an emergency situation. The last thing you need is to be hit with extra expenses. Since we are always in the Tempe […]

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How to Spot a Bad Garage Door Spring 4

Garage Door Springs: What You Need To Know As a specialist in the industry, I feel people do not consider how hard their garage doors work.  Let’s say you only use your garage door when leaving and returning from work, that means your garage door is opening and closing about 500 times a year. When […]

Why Isn’t My Garage Door Working? 6

5 reasons why your garage door may not be working. You’re late for work and your garage door won’t open. In my 20 years in the garage door repair industry, it seems like garage doors fail at the most inconvenient of times. Here are some of the top reasons that will cause your door to […]

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Average New Garage Door Installation Cost for Phoenix, AZ 2

A common question in the service industry is “How much does it cost?” Garage door repair is no different. While each garage door installation project varies in cost, I am going to outline the price you can expect to pay for a standard garage door installation in the Phoenix, Arizona area. The construction and look of […]

A&R Garage Door Repair Glendale Press Release: Garage Doors & Your Property Value

A&R Garage Door Glendale Press Release Increasing Property Value to Obtain the Best ROI By: Jacob Cordero @ WiredFrame reports, adding a new garage door to your home is one of the best ways you can improve RIO on a home or investment. Don’t take their word for it. Angie’s List agrees garage doors increase the […]

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